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Look at me now July 21, 2011

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Hey guys! I’m not sure if anyway visits this site anymore, but I stumbled across it today, and it’s so weird looking at all the blogs I had and what I did. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry I don’t update here anymore, but you can go check out the web zine I’m a part of,


Thank you for visiting this site and commenting and what not over the years, I honestly do appreciate it!

Stay Fresh! Punky face – http://thethiefandthecobblers.com


It’s layla and does anyone still visit this site? June 22, 2010

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What a life I live September 26, 2009

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YO team wordpress!! (That was really lame, sorry :mrgreen: )

So I this random thing reminded me of this site. I completely forgot about it. So I decided I would come back and write what should be my last post.

So, My life has changed radically since the old days. I can’t beleive what a young bugger I was when I started this blog 😆

I took for granted everything I had. Living in a dream world, heaps of friends, no problems, living in a country with the language you speak. Yeh. I moved countries. I bet none of y’all would actually beleive me if I said I moved to italy and my life has been hell. It’s nearly been 2 years since I’ve moved here with my family, I am now nearly 14 years old. And life has taken a huge leap… It’s difficult. School. Making friends. The language. Oh sigh.

Well, That’s not to say I quit the online world. Now you can only speak to me in online language LOL ROFL OMGosh U r A KITkaT!!!1!!!

So, I’ve learned how to code, In html and CSS and I first had a piczo, then I moved to freewebs, then a subdomain and now a domain. It’s pretty personal so y’all have all the rights not to be bothered to check it. http://killthecure.org


PunkyFacE :mrgreen:

New site.. May 2, 2009

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My wordpress blog, as you can see is not happening anymore. i appreciate your comments, but I have a new site now, non related to club penguin, You can check it out if you like, but if you still like club penguin I doubt you will. ANyway,



It would be reallly appreciated if you could visit, and see if you like it or not.

I’ll check back every once in awhile, but I don’t go on CP anymore.


Merry Christmas!!! December 29, 2008

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Merry Christmas everyone, and to everyone on my blogroll and stuff!!
Merry christmas to Bbfreeze, puppygal, layla, lilmisthan, cuppcaykes, and everyone on Cp and stuff. I love Christmas! Heres what i got-
A lime nintendo DS!
Brain training
Badges and DVD
Shark tooth necklace and a really cool leather bracelet thing (AND I HATE JEWELRY!!) But those are awesome!
And that was from everyone in my family & friends.

I cant remember what else..
Merry christmas, what did you get??

What the …??! December 12, 2008

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What the hey??!! WordPress? Sick! =) They changed there theme and It’s horrid! Oh well, sorry I avn’t updated In a while. Right now, i’m going to make a Christmas header. I can’t wait ’til Christmas!!! I’m so excited!!! I love christmas! Today I stayed home from school!! There’s a strike, and our teachers won’t be there, so there was no point! 😀  But tomorrow there’s a pointless thing at school wich i hae to go to 😦  While I go make a header, feel free to answer these questions in the christmas spirit :mrgreen:


  1. What time do you wake up on Christmas day?
  2. Whats ur best holiday?
  3. Do you know what ur getting for Christmas? What do you want?

I’ll update soon!

ONE MORE SURPRISE! November 29, 2008

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LAYS COMMENT : Heyy! Im still an admin on your site! 😆 Anyways, yes, I am back on CPND! And guess what? There were 10 people on my site just Monday nite, december 1st! TOTALLY KNARRRLLYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Well, i havnt been on in ages, But i did manage to make a post. It isnt too hard :mrgreen: So this wont be a club penguin blog, like you’ve probably noticed? Yeah well of course ill still add updates, and i do go on clubpenguin every now and then, but im a non-member. My friend duffy showed me all the new stuff on clubpenguin! Like then sensei! 😆
Ok well the surprise is… THE YEARBOOK  IS COMING BACK! yes, those days before clubpenguin made their yearbooks, cuppcaykes made one. Incomplete. 😥 It wasnt finished, as cuppcaykes quit. But now is the time to bring it back. If you’d like to be in the 2008-2009 class, please comment here AYSAP! And ill add you to that list. Cuppcaykes forgot her email, and password, so we’ll make a new site for it. Ill tell you the link as soon as it’s done! :mrgreen: Exciting hey!!?? Okay. please support!!

EDIT// HERE IT IS! UPDATES COMING SOON, BUT PLEASE GO TO: http://thecpyearbook.wordpress.com Thanks! //EDIT

Punky face

Candy hunt!! October 30, 2008

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EDIT: yay!!! new header!!! Thanks so much to Bb!! Bbfreeze.wordpress.com P.s. new theme white wash

Halloween is here! I dont even celebrate it though 😆  So I normally  dont give away cheats for hunts but.. This is a special post, so welcome in.

Ok first off, get your self a pumpking candy thing

Yep that font has been sitting in a folder waiting for halloween, like last time. Please appreciate my scary halloween outfit. Nahhhhh Wheres all my pictures?? Sorry 😆

The list of your candy hunt treats will be in the right hand corner of your screen, its a pumpkin.

001) “Here’s a treat you can tag, when you lower a blue flag”

Guess 😀 Yep, the snow forts. (Blue flag there right)

Click the blue flag and the chocolate bar should come. You got the chocolate now =)

002) Ugh club penguin is not working.. Ill just give you them ok

003) Ok so you have 2, read the clue. Now heres your answer 😀

Sorry, my picture isnt here.. So just go to the ski attic, and tada!!

004) Read your clue, and now…

Tada!! Click on the bubbles. Leave my stew alone 👿

005) All about construction blah blah so if you read the newspaper club penguin provided so nicley, you’d see that G says to stay out of places.. And it has something about the cave etc..

Click on the ‘caution’ sign.

005) Next, go to the iceberg.. Click around :mrgreen:

Yes, you clicked the stars!! Woohoo!!

006) Sorry I didnt get a picture, but go to the light house tower, and wait for the lightning!! Yummy!

007) Your last candy!! Go to the book place above the coffee shop

And hover over the book and tada!! Now youre probably wondering, what is that stupid glowy thing!!?? If youre a member, you must get the ‘mad scientist’ outfit, and the click it.. 😮 So awesome!! Hahhaah

Heres what it looks like:

Not the best, but go collect the lamp, its cool.

Now continuing, claim your prize and.. Tada!!

lil mis than image uploading ©

we upload for next to nothing.

“we upload for next to nothing.”

you can find us at www.lilmisthan.wordpress.com.

we do it for you. no more d-i-y.

-lil mis than image uploading. “we upload for next to nothing.”

😮 Lilmistan!! Maybe pictures would be a little better if lilmisthan actually did things properly. 😆 No really lilmisthan put the pictures up, and that block quote!! Did anyone hear of her injury?? Her eye is like a chinese now!!

Ok, hope you enjoyed this!! It took me ages!! Enjoy the andy hunt. Can you beleive im already 2 years old on CP?? Yeah thats why this post was ‘special’ LOL yep im quitting. Like last time, i wrote i wasnt quitig in the halloween post, now Ill be quitting this year 😥  Its just getting a little old.. And wordpress too.. But dont worry, ill still keep this blog, but i wont post club penguin. (At least that much, maybe some random times, like parties!!) I hope i dont loose all my visitors 😦

Punky face

YOOOOOOI!!! October 17, 2008

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Yooooooo!!!! Punky FACE IS IN DA HOUSE@!!! SUP PEEPS!!! 😆

Im in such a hyper random weak mood, im so hyper but so weak. Ugh it kills!! Sorry i havnt updated in so forever!!! lol Sorry 😥  Im so dissapointed in myself. I am not liking wordpress or Club P anymore, I used to love it. Ugh I was so weird when i started this blog. Hhahaha good times. Yeh but now i normally go on piczo and graphics sites, used to hate Piczo’s guts. Ugh.

At least it’s for the betta its healthy. 😆  (Ya no to change)

Ive experienced that.

My life is so boring and dull!!!! 😆  😛  but seriously i never to anything anymore. Im going to a party toninght and i feel like faking sick. I dont wanna go. 😦  Lilmisthans cumin too. But my Mom took away my cell sim cos her phone is not workin and i was like please take somone elses!!!! And then she was like but you’re so irresponsible with your phone. LOL i deserve it. But i dont do any SMSing anymore. Theres no need to waste money if im not going on something like Mxit talking with my REAL FRIENDS!! LOL so it just sits in my room and i never know where it is!! LOL!!

Well anyways Club Penguin has a new mission!! Its so easy!1 Try it!! I was going to paste picures the day it came out, but then i had to go and havnt been on CP lately, i normally just check events, log straight out.

Im just saying im still alive… 😆  Have i lost all my viewers? sorry anyone hoping for updates, I am dissapointed in myself. Sigh. 😦

Quick :D October 2, 2008

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Im barely even ready for school but seeming I can fit thispost in..

Well I havnt updated in a ton and I’m hoping I can do that soon seeming there’s new prizes! I’ll also get to responding comments soon! Sorry for the lack of updates! But now I’m gonna be sooo late for school 😀

Not really. Its only 7:20. I had a dream I moved to america 😯  😆

Any way ill update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Fall fair :( September 27, 2008

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The fall fair 2008 is here!

It kinda sucks, for me, i thoug last years was way more awesomer!! But anyways, some new things are out, i promise to update asap, my parents are out for the day hooray!! Ill go on whenever i want. WOOP!

Basically the same prizes, sucks 😦

Well the free pin is at the lighthouse, and the prizes are at the forest. There’s a nonmemba place wich sucks, cos they never used to do that, even last year. Oh well sorry for the complaints. =] Enjoy the faiR!

Theatrical stuff September 19, 2008

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Update! Bbfreeze I don’t have the link to the new header you made me Could you tell me it? If you see this!

Lol! I didnt have a title, but the new catalog is here! It’s really cool!! They brought back the supa old desk 😯 here’s the stuffs and secrets-

Click on the wall chalkboard for the floor chalkboard

That’s it of the new secrets Otherwise, the old secrets-

– Click on the fire for the silver fridge

– Click the green music note for the guitar stand

– Click the umbrella for the blender.

Really cool huh??  Here is a item and price list 😆

  • Ticket booth (580 Coins)
  • Red carpet (200 Coins)
  • Popcorn machine (1000 Coins)
  • Velvet rope (160 Coins)
  • Blue curtain (350 Coins)
  • Classroom desk (250 Coins)
  • Classroom chair (150 Coins)
  • Wall chalkboard (410 Coins)
  • Student desk (650 Coins)

I’m really enjoying it 😆

Rockhopper left a note saying he’d be here today and he’s not 😦  Did Club Penguin  forget?? 😆  Kidding

Me and Lilmisthan finished our video please wath it and comment on whatcha think!!

13/09/08 September 13, 2008

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The new stage is soooooooooo KooL!!!!!!!!!!! 😆

It’s the BESTEST stage yet! Sorry I couldn’t post earlier, me and Lilmisthan are working on a video of it!

Go check it out! I promise Pictures will come soon, I’m also working on a comic and stuff and a special thing for this post!

Just a small picture for now, my worst nightmare arrives in 5,4,3,2,1 About 15 minutes. SAVE ME! 😆

I’ve been working on pictures all morning, Im so excited!!

– New Stage Play! Ruby and the Ruby

Wow! Most amazing play yet. To claim your free Pin prize, follow these steps-

001) Read the script. Very important.

002) Click on anything you can that lets you click.

003) Like the script said, once you click on alot of things, you’ll be able to click the vase.

004) Click the painting on the wall and you’ll find a safe. Then you’re done!

– ANOTHER Real pin lol! At the dock!

Ok so I’ve finished what I was telling you about something special (LOL) And It’s ready so just click here to find out what sorta

Detective you are!!!!!!!!! 😆 What detective are you!? So I basically made a whole bunch of pictures of detective categories. I matched them with a detective outfit, I would’ve made a TON more, so I might update this! Some might say the above is false advertising 😆 Because it’s alot different to what the pictures actually are.. Don’t get to excited.

So click HERE to find out what detective you are!

😆 Like it? It doesn’t matter if you don’t thats why PLEASE tell me what you think!! (And wich detective you are) That would be cool… Im not exactly sure what detective I am though! *Cheesy grin*

Tell me what you think! I have alot more ideas!


Just a small picture for now, my worst nightmare arrives in 5,4,3,2,1 About 15 minutes. SAVE ME! 😆

I’ve been working on pictures all morning, Im so excited!! 😆

Keep visitn!!

MMM HMMM September 8, 2008

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Today was my first day of school! I’m in 7th grade now and my brother only starts school on friday! Lucky duck!!!!

I’ll write down what Puppygal did?? I hope you dont Mind!!!

Well before I start i must tell you that it’s very intimidating going to school in a different language!! 😆

1st period-

Maths. Not really, I had to say my name, and stuff about me, and so did everyone else in their English! 😆

They asked a ton of questions and in between all that stuff, the teacher was explaining to everyone the rules, the times, the teachers etc. I don’t know what else couldn’t quite understand! LOL! Our maths teacher is quite nice everyone says shes ‘bad’ lol!

2nd Period-

Maths, again, they were explaining their new grading system, the teacher was complaining how erveryone forgot their books.. I have NO CLUE what else!!


They only have 10 minutes!!!! 😮  Ugh!! It goes really quickly and everyone screams and shouts!! 😆  Otherwise really entertaining!

3rd period-

Italian… 😮  (Why do all Italian teachers have to have brown hair and talk slowly and be gentle and have an outrageous fasion sence!!?? JK!) She made them all go to the board and write words that we had to copy on paper about subjects for example     GEOGRAPHY Geography – Geografia   Mountain – Montagne get it?

4th period –

English. Wow easy peasy lemon squeasy. LOL!!!! I don’t even have to do the English and here I must go buy files and books and excercise books… Well our teachers kinda nice, but when I look at her I think she’s the principal! 😆

That’s nearly It, the rest is a blur.. I dont wanna think about it lol!

Their English isn’t  that bad, so they talk to me in English. My brother says I should talk to them in Italian (When you sit in a school for almost 3 months without doing ANYTHING you kinda learn alot 😆 ) But im to shy… I guess I should start. LOL!!

I was really nervous of starting this new school, it’s really hard starting in a new language, but I’ve done it before so I guess it’ll be fine??  You probably dont care about this LOL!!!!!!!!! I hope tomorrows better! :mrgreen:

School :( September 7, 2008

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School starts tomorrow. Im so nervous. I have the worst rule ever 😦

No computer in the weekdays!!! 👿   UGH! Well don’t worry I’ll sneak in updates whenever I get the chance! 😆

Ill also try write a post when it’s finished, but now I have to set out my things; get my stationery; get my clothes. UGH!

On the upside, I went shopping the other day for some new clothes, I needed for school!! 😆

And.. I got a new bike! Wooop! It’s cos ill be cycling, and I didn’t have one!! It’s green and white with a bit of orange!!! Wooop!

Lol! Ill write a post ASAP!

SEPTEMBER September 5, 2008

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It has some really cool stuffs, but they brought back really old items!!

Lol look, I WAS right!!

And they have a REALLY AWESOME girls wig!! LOL!! i tihnk it’s cool and I dont really like any of the wigs!! 😆 I dont have all the items, but ill post a picture of all the items when I get them! But, here are the NEW items! –

  • Blue! Hoodie
  • Pink Hoodie 😮 Old item!
  • Blue Duffle coat! Old item too!
  • Pink Backpack 
  • Uhhhhh

I’ll update this Soon!

September Catalog! September 4, 2008

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Sorry about the party photos, ill try do something, and I’ll edit this all later!

Here is the sneak peek for the catalog!

Here’s what I think thy are! 😆

– A jean denim shirt thing??

–  painting dungaree thing

– A detective hat!!!

– A bandana!

What do you think? =]

Partay!!! August 30, 2008

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The Party has started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its 6:18 for me, (Pm)

and it should be 9:18am for America!

Come now!! Yayayyay!!! LOL


Well, the party is finished now, I think? Everyone quit together and I was the only one who never quit? Well it was awesome!! Thanks everyone who came

I think these are all of the people who did come- (Or came cos their friend was online LOL)

– Lilmisthan


-Blue Puffley



-icyman77 (From Lilmisthan)

-A bunch of people who dont come here! 😆

It was AWESOME!!! :mrgreen:

Ill edit photos in soon! (Photo’s are the way to do it!)

Blue Puffley, Cursed and Lilmisthan had to leave early 😦

Ok well It was a great party! LOL :mrgreen:

Does anyone wanna know why I chose wool socks? read here-

ITS A COOL NAME!!!!! LOL :mrgreen:

Pie, Pie, Pie pie!!!!!!! August 29, 2008

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Guess what?? Me and Lilmisthan made pie!!!!

Yes it was absaloutley delicious!! Oh my was it good :mrgreen: Wow it was REALLY good!!

Lol if Anyones looking for an apple pie recipe, say here and ill give you the nigella one we used!! 😆

But anyway, the most imporatant thing I forgot about the party was the room!!! LOL

The room will probably be My igloo!

-Ill edit this later my chance is up 😦

Lol :mrgreen: So, I hope to see y’all at the party! I’d really appreciate if you came!


=) :mrgreen: 😀 😆

PARTY TIME!!! August 23, 2008

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Yes, Partay time!!! WOOOOHOOO!! 😆

Please tell me if you can come as soon as possible!! Ill have to cancel it if only a little bit of people can come 😦 And I really dont want that cos I think this is my first party! (By the way I wont have to cancel it I was just being dramatic lol!)

Who Can make it-



Who can maybe make it-

Blue Puffley


Lil mis than

Why a party?, you ask? well a whole bunch of things! So I hope you can come!

P.s. I’ll be doing a whole lot of editing to the site, edinting pages, deleting pages etc. I can’t wait! :mrgreen:

UPDATE: Go have a look at the new page, “cure” (Lol i didnt knw what to call it!)



Penguin Games!!!!!!! August 22, 2008

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Welcome Back!!! (If you are back.. 😆 )

The penguin games are here!!

Please answer this somebody, if you have arrived at the penguin games!! Can I ask why members get to see a soccer pitch, but I see hockey!! 😦 not soccer!!!!!!! 👿 

Wait! Updated! To go to the soccer pitch, go to the Snow Forts. There it has a trail to the hockey, and to the soccer.. :mrgreen:

Well its really great for me!! To start the penguin games, look at the top right corner 😀 Click on your medal, choose an event. I’ts really simple!

For every event: Go to the start line, wait for it to start counting down, (It’s not important for you to wait the whole time, just let it start!). You have to pass and wait for EVERY LIGHT to light up, (Don’t do the same as me.. Run the whole race then figure out you have to light them up 😦 )  its not really easy to light them up, so you have t stop by them, not like those people who try to cut!! 😆

When you’re finished everything, claim your prize, and you’ll get a gold medal!!! Woooo hooo!! 😆

There are some free items, (They said there wouldnt and you’d have to work for them! LOL!)

I’m deciding whether or not to make a collage or something, so i think i’ll make one, and ill show you in a link because this post has a lack of pictures!!

(Hover over the makeup toget the facepaints.. My friend told me that on cp!! lol!!)

I had to do the races about 4 times, becuase the medal wouldnt load or something ike that different every time!! I’ll probably go get the pictures of the old sports party, and compare, ill probably put it on my piczo. I really don’t enjoy Piczo that much, it’s very hard to operate, but lilmisthan shows me how so I made a new one, and I changed the link now! :mrgreen:


Well, enjoy the Penguin Games! 😆 By the way, if anyone’s been watching the Olypics (I love watching it!!) You’ll see that Usain Bolt got two gold medals, and he broke the world records!!! 😯  Go Jamaica!!!

P.s. My favourite team is red.. But I like both.. Wats urs???

Keep looking 8O August 18, 2008

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Hello sirs and misses! :mrgreen:

I’m really sorry I couldnt make the awards sooner. But I have alot of things to tell you why!! =D

So last night, (More in the evening) my Dad was making coffee, and I asked to make me too… So it was nearly 8, I went to bed about 10, I got maybe 3 hours sleep, because I was awake a long time and I couldn’t get to sleep.. So I got out of bed at about 2:26 in the moring and I went to go watch the Olympics, I watched until maybe after 5, then I went back to bed and feel asleep, and woke up at about 9. That gave me SO little sleep, and i’m shattered!!! 😦 Then the Olypics was on again.. I can’t deny.. I love watching the Olypics!! Then I had a while break, then on the computer, I had some things to do, then I started to work on the Prizes, the finishing touches.. It took a while. 😦 That’s why.. I guess i’ll need an early night!! 😆

That just wasted alot of post wich is good :mrgreen: I need to break the post, even though I remembered I hate breaking posts!! 😆 So i’m checking right now.. And just so that everbody knows, the votes were so close!!!! :mrgreen:  Ok now…


Hi Peeps!!! 8) August 15, 2008

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Hey yo yo hey yo!!! 😆 Im in such aa hyper mood!!!

I got back from holiday and managed to make a post, hopefully to even finish.. Before the computer hogs are back 😯  Hahahah im just kidding, but there is so much things to get through!! I am sooooo glad that holiday is over… It wwas horrible, terrible, ferocious!!!! 😆 But im serious, it was horrible! I barely got any sleep, I had my friends feet were in my face the whole time!!! Haahah but wow, it was shocking, my friend was being really horrible, and flitring with this one friend of hers the whole time!!1 😆

We did alot of things, that holiday went lke it was 3 weeks!!! Im sorry I couldn’t make a post, but you know what its time for…….. Yes….. THE WINNER!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

I just have to go check PollDaddy a second for the winner and Lilmisthan has given me such great ideas for prizes! You’ll get prizes tomorrow, watch this space :mrgreen:

So ive checked there has been 25 votes, I think it’s alot, for others maybe not!! :mrgreen: that wasn’t supposed to rhyme!!

The votes where so close,  but I think it would be a little harsh not to give prizes yet, Ill quick go make em!!

Im really sorry I don’t have time, just watch this space ok??? It WILL be posted tomorrow!! Sorry sorry!! :mrgreen:

watch this space 😯

Till Next week :( We August 6, 2008

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We got a winner!!!!! It was close and im sorry for the others, but you’ll get awrds at the end to!! 😀 

I cant tell you now, and im going for a week, so I cant post so Im very sorry you’ll have to find out next week!! 😦  So Bye Peeps!!! Lol Ill be back next week, im leaving on Thursday. 

Congratulations Bbfreeze on 40,000  hits!!!!! :mrgreen: 

And Thanks Puppygal for a awesome, awesome party!!!!!!!! It just finished minutes ago!! 😆 

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Ill post next week!! 

The music Jam!!!!! July 25, 2008

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Headers page updated!

let you vote, and the first contestant to 10 or over wins! So have a look at their avatars, and then vote your favourite! Please vote, so that this process will go quicker!


Thank you all, I love em all, so much, and I wish you all GREAT LUCK!!! 😀 

And now, Please vote!! =D

Good Luck Bbfreeze, Puppygal376, and Adam! And please don’t vote for yourselves!

yayyaya!!! The music Jam is finally Here. I poot together a quick collage, it’s not good, But then i made a new one! :mrgreen:

To get a V.I.P Pass, you have to Be a member (Quite Unfair for non-members..) Buy them at the Snowforts, then go to the dock and then to backstage. And, the maracas wich came back 👿 Are at the cove, I can’t beleive they brought them back.. You can also get a free music jam T its cool =D So, I hope you enjoy it, and enjoy the changing dock! Here is my piczo I can’t beleive it wont change to the link i want it 😦 Any tips? But for now, it’s http://123erthelloo.piczo.com 😆 So, GET VOTING!!! =D


SiLvER MeMBer!!!!!!:D July 24, 2008

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Welcome Back!! If you are back..!! :mrgreen:

I’m really Happy because CuppCaykes is coming back for a while ’till she reaches a goal, and I was helping her on her Piczo and shes a Silver member!!! :mrgreen: Well done Cupp!!

Well, Club P released probably the most exciting paper ever, and if you wanna see it offline of Club Penguin, click here!!! I’m so excited for it, I CANNOT WAIT!! lol! (Oh wait the link doesnt work anymore!! 😦 ) Well then i’ll tell you! 😀  Click on the following images to make ’em large!

So, you’ll choose your favourite music, and go to that room for it! COOL!! =D

Those are the ‘Rules’… I can’t wait to (Hopefully) Get a backstage pass, if you get a “backstage pass” You’ll be able to view a “Special Surprise” This is exciting lol! I think this might be a good time to change the newspaper page, wich I was meaning to do, along with the headers page.. 😳

Maybe last week, I made a new Piczo, and Ive been working on it, it’s not done, but if you’d like to visit it, here’s the link: http://punkyfac3.piczo.com I’m not sure if that will work, because I changed the link =D So if it doesn’t tell me!

And one last thing! Im not sure if anyone else will join the avater contest. If you are going to, please send it in now!!

P.s. http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com

Updations again :D July 19, 2008

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Welcome Back!! Club Penguin has a few new Updates wich i’ll tell you later but, I thank Adam for joining the avatar contest, and now we have 3! So I’ll see, HOPEFULLY there will be a few more, but if not, then we can start! =]

Right now, we’re going to a dinner at someone’s house, I don’t know who they are.. 😕 So I can’t update with Pictures, but when I come home, there will be Pictures! (I might come home late) It might be nice.. I hope they cook good, ‘cos im so hungry!! Moving onward, Now, Finally, the updates!

You’ll Find the “Treble Cleff” Pin at the Pool, It’s really cool, but there was a similar one back in the day..

Next: New furniture Catalog! Wooop!! It follows the vibe of Music, and if you want a free Guitar Stand (Just Pay ) :mrgreen: Gotta go, my Dads back

MUCHA July 16, 2008

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Updated! – Keep comin’ back, because in a couple of minutes, you’ll be able to order a header! I would have done it earlier, BUT I spent a couple of hours (In different shifts :mrgreen: ) Making Graphics for a new header for this site, even though I LOVE Bbfreezes! (‘cos of the header page!) But it didn’t work out, so i’ll keep Bbfreezes! :mrgreen: P.s. There will be a new feature from Lil Mis Than!Jcp04 (Im not sure if thats your name) U have been sucessfully added to the blogroll!

Wooop!! Club Penguin Has given us the new thingssss!

So, if you receive a friend request, this time, it’ll be the old postcard icon :mrgreen:

Theres also an awesome BLUE Messenger bag in it for you if you get it now!! 😆 Members, & Non members


They also COMPLETELY Changes your player card, into categories, Wich is helpful, so i dont mind it, and i dont mind the last one 😀


The new server change.. Above is an example, of my suggested servers 😀  Who prefers the old one????? I think it was better looking..

Please click here, and please tell me if he hacked or not, I really don’t know if he hacked, or if it WAS there, I wasnt on for a while =]

I also have two things to share:

1. Quote: “Club Penguin has gotten Advanced since I left!!  Unquote That is arb, but i was showing Cupp Caykes the updates :mrgreen:

2. Layla Has a new site:: http://laylalulu.wordpress.com

Site news:

Well, i wasnt able to post the Headers, because my computer wasnt “activated” And now it wont let me activate through the internet, I have to call them, with a code, but I don’t even know where the code is!!!! 😦  😥 And, all the header files where on there, with the Pixel Penguins, but I only have a copy Of Pixel Penguins, not the header stuff. So, It will be delayed, and, I told penelope dog in a comment, i might give the header things to a fellow friend, if they continue… Im very sorry about my computer!! 😦


1. Puppygal376

2. Bbfreeze




Here are the details, SO PLEASE ENTER, IM DESPERATE!! =D

– It can be what you’d like, preferably with a penguin.
– You can have writing on it, if youd like that, whatever makes it look good!
– Make it as origanal as you possibly can!

Be a honey, and please enter! Of course, the winner will be getting a prize..
You can get an article in my newspaper!
Youll get a virtual award! (enter now and you could get a bouquet :p )

Enter, enter, enter, enter  =D

Updations :D July 14, 2008

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Welcome Back, again :mrgreen:

Club Penguin’s new features are releasing early this week, so if you’d like to know when, or whatever will be happening, click Here. Or, just check on this site! So, when I have a new Update, ill put it in a colour or something =)

About the avatar Contest! Thanks Puppygal376 and Bbfreeze for already entering- They both ROCK! But, we need a few more.. SO, Join now, Please! :mrgreen:

And now I have great news for this site! Ive been having a little trouble with fonts, BUT The Headers page should be finished by today! =D  Woop! So, by later today, (I have no idea when it is for you 😕 ) In the afternoon, you’ll be able to order a great header!

Squidzoid Returns =] July 11, 2008

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<strong>Updated! – Please join the avatar Contest! Thanks Puppygal376 and Bbfreeze for already entering- They both ROCK! But, we need a few more..

Welcome Back! =]

Theres nothing really new in ClubP but there was a newspaper, to see it, click Here.

Well, i got some exciting news for this blog.
First off, Im in DESPERATE need of an avatar. So… Ill have an avatar contest!
If youd like to enter, read the following.

– It can be what you’d like, preferably with a penguin.
– You can have writing on it, if youd like that, whatever makes it look good!
– Make it as origanal as you possibly can!

Be a honey, and please enter! :mrgreen: Of course, the winner will be getting a prize..
You can get an article in my newspaper! :mrgreen:
Youll get a virtual award! (enter now and you could get a bouquet :p )

They arnt the best,but you can write some ideas, if you have!
And, in other news, i said id be done with site updates (such as the site newspaper, etc) But i got behind, so you shall expect things to be done soon! (And pixel Penguins, im behind, sorry!)

Guess what happened yesterday??!! I was in the kitchen, making coffee, when my mom said to my bro, “So Andrea did you see them?” and he was like, “Yeah! They awesome!!” And I was like, “What?” And then my brother was like, “Im going to the Coldplay concert” , So he’s going, along with my Mom and Dad.. It’s so sad, I love Coldaplay! They were so expensive, because the normal ones were sold out.. They are standing right in front of the stage, so I was really bummed, so then my brother was saying that when he gets a job, in three years time, Coldaplays coming again, he’ll get us V.I.P tickets.. Haha, yeah that was a joke, and you say his name An-Drey-ah.. =]

Well, enjoy the updates, ill update when the new things come out, or before ={ )

Rockhopper! :D July 6, 2008

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I met him again! :mrgreen: I was in Deep Freeze,in the town, saying hi to a friend and Rockhopper just walked past! So i went where he was going :mrgreen: the cove, and it was like 5 seconds then he went to the Iceberg, Then he disapeared and I checked his ship.. And he was there again, I thought Id never see him again, and i couldnt get his Background, because i saw him a million times before! :mrgreen: Im so happy cos i used to find him easily! :mrgreen: Were any of you guys there? 

 :mrgreen:    :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:   :mrgreen:  He still gives the background,

I was trying to get it for Lil mis than, (but she has it), and Cupp Caykes, (also has it..), and mine and Lil mis than’s Other penguins, Im sorry, it was full 😦

Well there is nothing really new in Cp =]


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The new catalogs have arrived! The new boy wig is gross though!                                                                (well 4 me :mrgreen:

So here are the hidden items: 

So i couldn’t find the hidden items, cos of my computer, it was a little slow because the internet wasnt working for a while.. (My brother uses his laptop, and takes the IP adress that tyhe internet uses for this laptop, because his drops the server 😆 )

Click on elvis’ belt for the viking helmet

Click on the diving suit timer for a divers helmet

Click on the ribbon of the princess hat for a crystal staff

Click on the green boots for a Cheesy tie :mrgreen: 

And… The new pin whereabouts! 

So thats on Club Penguin, Look here later for another Cp update! 

My Life news: :mrgreen: 

So yesterday i went to Lake Como, If you do not know, George Clooney has a house there. It was amazing! We went up on this huge cable cart thing, and then we went on paddle boats, and had Gelati and everything! My brother tried to get me something out of the things with the claws, we never got anything.. 😀 It was awesome!!

Tehe! It’s da garden of cell phones… July 1, 2008

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Well, please excuse the weirdness of the title? Thank you. Anyways, let’s start out with the updates on Cp, shall we?


Well, today is the day for fireworks. Yay? Yep, here are some pictures…


Yup, that’s all for Cp!

Well, guess what? We got a new header! Finally, for so long we’ve had no header AT ALL, we still managed to pull through that speed bump in this site! (whatever that means! LOL.) Well, just a few minutes ago, my mom was about to take a shower, guess what was in the floor of the shower? A SALAMANDER! Yesh, a baby one! It was so cute. Anyways back to what I was GONNA say. My mom really likes Rock Band that game I was tellin’ ya’ll about? Yeah, my mom really likes it, and so do I. But my dad says it’s 200 bucks, its too much money! But, hey, atleast majority rules right? Err?

So, hope ya’ll enjoy the site!

Lay and Punky Face!

Bran SPANKING!! New Updates! June 30, 2008

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THANKS BBFREEZE FOR A GREAT NEW HEADER! Its really great :mrgreen: 

Today was a really boring Day, so read this post–

We got  alot of brand new updates for the site! :mrgreen: 

round ’bout July 4th we shall be Finished with the “hedas business” (with my accent, i dont pronounce the er :mrgreen:  , the header page should be finished, and you’ll be able to order a header ther, which will be made by me and lil mis than :mrgreen: Then we might just get RubyBlew to get her(one from her site) page right here, cos i was talkin to her about it. And, FINALLY, :mrgreen: this is quite exciting, i’ll update the newspaper on june 4th! 😀 

Okay and the last update – like ol’ times, I really don’t really like updating about Cp by itself, so like old times, this site will turn into a life/Cp Site, But i wont post boring things! haha =D If you want to know the CP UPDATES read RUN FROM THE FLOWERS OF (pretyness!) OF DOOM! And some posts below there, because Cp has dis-abled the link to newspaper 😦 Okay hope you like the new updates! 

The Crow’s Nest is so cool! :mrgreen: haha, ’til then! 

RUN FROM THE FLOWERS OF (prettyness!) DOOM! June 27, 2008

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Well, as always, please excuse the excitement of the title.. I’ma just go straight to the updates of Cp. Here we go!

Well, there’s a new Sports Catalog. (I’ll show that later) But, right now I’ma show… ROCKHOPPER’S SHIP! When you go onto the ship, now your able to go up in the crows nest! Here’s a picture..

See? It’s cool, I know right? Now if you go into the lower deck of the ship, you’ll see that, of course, a new catalog from Rockhopper. And the free item is a feathered bird (fake, of course!) Now, there’s a note, as always, on His door, here’s what it says..

Well, which room has ALOT of books? The BOOK ROOM! So, after you enter the book room, click on Rockhopper’s Journal, go all the way to the end of the book, and there you’ll see his key!

Now, after you go to his ship, the door is creaked open! After you go in, you are in awe of how such a small penguin, has such a huge headquarters.. Jack Sparrow should have on this big! I Luve him..♥♥

Anyways, here’s the Sport’s Catalog!

And here are the new stuff in in the catalog..

  • Basketball – 300 coins
  • Football – 300 coins
  • Soccer Ball – 300 coins
  • Red Basketball Jersey – 600 coins
  • Blue Basketball Jersey – 600 coins
  • Cleats ( click the soccer ball ) – 250 coins

Well, that’s all for today! And you can find me on Punky Faces Site! :mrgreen: 😀



P.S. Thanks Punky for lettin’ me join! :mrgreen: 

Edied: he he no problem thanks for postin this! :mrgreen: 



Yeah! Welcome, Rockhopper!!! June 27, 2008

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ROCKHOPPER HAS ARRIVED!   Unfortunatly the parrot has come back (

Free Parrot! Go get one! (if you havn’t) 

AND…. you can get into his really cool room again! 

Look around… its cool!   

Theres also a new sport catalog, If you buy the soccer ball, Click in the middle of it, you can get the soccer boots.

The pixel penguins page is working fine now, so Go order one!  Theres a sub page for finished pixels, so when the order is finished it can go there 

P.s. MARVINKAY.WORDPRESS.COM go visit! 😀 Thanks for visiting her site! Leave Comments on her site! 

Punky Face

WELOMING… June 26, 2008

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Rockhoppers comin back!!! wooop!! He’ll be there tomorrow, with some new stuff! yayya!! In other Cp stuff, Theres a new newspaper, and here are the events: 

P.s. NEW NEWS! YAYA! welocme lil layster to the site!! (officialy!) ill clear some space 4 ur own page (if you  want..lol! :mrgreen: )  Hope you enjoy your stay here! :mrgreen; Okay post when you want to, bout what ya want! AND.. One of my friends, (Older than me) Just made a site! MARVINKAY.WORDPRESS.COM Its bout life, and you should go have a look….. Dont wait! GO! haha :mrgreen:  Wait! finish the post, comment, then go!! hahah=D


       June 27 >> New Sport catalog arrives

                                      Rockhopper arrives!   

    June 27 >>  New sports catalog

                              July 1 >> Fireworks for July celebrations on Cp   

     July 4 >> New Clothing Catalog

                                               New Wig Catalog & New Pin Hidden



        New update! ‘Bout this site!!


Bran (spankin) (not really) New!!! Welcome… Pixel Penguins again!! Ive updated them, so go order! :mrgreen: If you wanna request ay good ideas for pixel penguins, Just comment here and hopefully i can make it! 




The new mission! June 25, 2008

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HIIIA! I just did the mission, and here it is! – 

Here it is fresh, by me.  

(Ten steps-)

ok here it goes:

– Arrive at the dock, after talking to G, Talk to herbert etc, then follow the map to the town.  (collect the lamp)

– See where the maps go, and then go into the coffee shop, help the guy pick up his cookies, ask if you can get one, then go out into the town

– talk to the penguins by the gift shop, then go into the snow forts. Follow The half of map, then it goes on to the flag, click it then follow it into the plaza

– into goes into the penguins newspaper, and he wants a pizza, so go into the pizza place and order one for him. Switch your pizza for his newspaper, then go to the HQ. You’ll see that there are some hats by where gary is, and tak the pink and brown fedora hat. Then go to the gadgets and get the wooden hammer thats on the wall.

– Click on the Super helium, and ask G if you can take it. Then go into the light house, speak to the penguin if you can take the balloons. Get them, then go to the penguin with the cream soda. Talk to them, then take a barrel (you can choose “hehe, lets try shaking one” if you want to see the barrel explode.) Go to the boat, where the nets are, and take a net. After, go to the winter sports shop, and get the pegs.

– Go to the town, and give the sad green puffle the fedora hat, and then give him a cookie. He will fly up to the map and get it for you.

– Connect the maps, then go to the dock again. Go down into the caves, and follow the map. You’ll see the gift shop, and the pipe blocking it, so use your spy phone tools, (the wrench) and take the pipe away

– Shake the barrel of Cream Soda, and before it brakes click on the ground, and the cream soda brings the gift shop up. Then you have to be super quick, take the net and put it under the gift shop. Then put the pegs up, and hammer them in. it should stay

– go into the tunnel behind the gift shop, and take your spy tool (the wrench again) and collect the clock tower gear, then go into the bolier room. 

– Talk to herbert, answer your spy phone, and then fix the pipes. Go to the HQ and talk to G. :mrgreen:

Like it? =D! You shall be finished, i just do not know what you must do with the balloons, because you’re able to to blow up a balloon with the helium. i only got the medal, because i didnt get the clock tower stuff 😳 

P.s. As we’re welcoming lil layster, we will be adding new fresh things! =D 

Punky Face 


FINALLY! We’re back up!! June 24, 2008

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Hi! its me, Punky face, Im sorry ive been gone for so long, but now im back! I have 3 months holiday till i go back to school, So now i can update whenever i want to! so all pages will be updated, with new ones, some deleted and all that ‘jazz’!! i hope this site will be good for all of you, theres so little cp sites!! 😦  (newspaper will be updated!! =D!) 

EDITED: DRUMROLL.. WELCOME LIL LAYSTER TO THE SITE! :mrgreen: You can do what you would like, and i can make some space so you can have a page! (if you want..!) 

P.s. ill probably update about the mission later.. I just gotta do it 😀

Hi hi =D March 16, 2008

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hi its me! im now in italy its beautiful here!! i was just on club penguin so i hope to see everyone on there now! i love this site but i might not carry on with it.. if i dont ill make a new one though! bye! =Dpunky face 

Rockhopper!!!! November 17, 2007

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 Cupp caykes has a new site!!! Please support and visit http://cuppcaykesclubpenguin.wordpress.com and its very interesting !

 I met rockhopper again! 1 on Sunday and 1 on Saturday! I logged on to deep freeze and i wasnt aware he was there, and i saw my buddy ubastank go into his ship, so i went to say hi and he was there! it was really empty with a few people but i couldnt get alot of pics! But i have his background now! 😀


And the stage is ready, its an alien theme go chect it out!!


Im also bringing back pixel penguins, and im already past my goal so comment here what i should do for it!

Rockhoppers back! November 9, 2007

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Heylo!! Rockhoppers back! He never brought back great stuff but the free item is a winged helmet!

 The pin is a UFO and its at the dance lounge.


and the construction is getting better at the plaza.


If you zoom in on the blueprints, it says “theatre project” and below “stage”

NEW MISSION! I made a post below but its too long so if you need anyhelp, ive finished the mission, so i can helkp you. At the end you’ll recieve a pizza box that you can’t wear 😦

There is also new catalogs

I also have a new piczo http://123erthello.piczo.com im still working on it, and piczo is really hard 😀

– punky faceme.jpg

HALLOWEEN!!! October 26, 2007

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The halloween party is here!!!  Its awesome! They chose darklight (its way better dark) The pin is at the pool but its tricky to get, dont hover your mouse over it or it will sling back up. It takes really long, but just walk into the wall on whatever side it is and dont put your mouse over it!


And there is a candy scavenger hunt! To do it you need a basket (Snow forts):


If I tell you the answers that ruins it but look down for where the sweets are. 😀


Ski lodge, pizza parlor, forest, mountains, dance club, coffee shop, light-house beacon and cove.

The prize is really kwl!! 

Check all the places they are decorated nicely.

Here is the prize


No i wont be quitting anyore =]

Quitting October 17, 2007

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Ill be quitting this blog. Ill still be on club penguin to get new stuff once in a while. Having a blog completely ruins the point of finding the new things yourself, and I need to focus more on school. I might be on sometimes to moderate comments and maybe make new posts.

– punky face

I need a header!! October 11, 2007

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I need a header!! I will still also use bbfreeze’s and quackity’s though. I have decided to make some changes!! 😀 I will probably also use a header so anyone who wants to make a header just give me the url and ill make a new post on the winner! Shall there be a prize? I will start up with pixel penguins again, but not for now so ill make some new pages! Im also updating my blogroll so far i have



if you would like to be on my blogroll please add me back!

 Please send in a header! If you have any ideas for this site please comment!

 😀   😀    😀

 – punky face

Haloween! October 5, 2007

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Heylo! The new catalog is here, and it brought back some stuff… Before haloween last year I joined with punky face so now im a year old 😀 \

For the fairy wings click on the princess’ belt.



 Lol what do you think of this outfit? 😀 Lilmisthan doesnt


– punky face

New prizes! September 29, 2007

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Heylo! New prizes are here, sorry this is a litle late! A lot of people are looking for the lollipop, so just read down to know how!

You have to buy every single item, then close the prize booth, a rope should come down, click on it, and theres the lollipop!



 It took me forever to get all the stuff, but i saw on this one guys site how to double your coins. I never used this, but it might be helpful. You need to finish the whole game, example that spin game. When you are done it should say ‘quit’ double click it fast, and it doubles your tickets! After that it should say ‘Sorry, this feature is currently disable on your computer’ click ok, and carry on.

The new dance with the paddle ball – click ‘w’ or wave


When you are done collecting all the things, this is roughly what it will look  like:


Fair September 22, 2007

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Heylo! Sorry this is late! The carnival is here!

I wasn’t able to get any pictures, ive been very busy.

But I bought everything,  my highest was around 1500 in puffle paddle. All pins and itms are at the plaza.

– Punky face

Rockhopper! September 15, 2007

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Rockhoppers back!


and the pin is at the ski lodge.


I never made a post about the clohing catalog, but there are some cool things.


help cupp!

– Punky face

New Catalog! September 9, 2007

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The new catalog is out! Here are the secrets –

Red guitar – Click formal gown

Swim goggles – Click lifeguard Shirt

Viking helmet – Scuba tank


Pixel Penguins is now closed! Ill be adding more things. Ill take requests for any new things youd like. I havnt been able to do pixel orders sorry!

My puffle ran away!! 😦






Sports shop updates! September 1, 2007

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Ill update this post later sorry! well the pin is in the boiler room, and the go visit the sport shop!

Bribble –

To everyone on bribble that thinks Im Lil mis than – ??? Im not.

Does anyone know Dunya13’s Bribble port?

I also found this really good site – http://rubyblu.wordpress.com when i was searching for the ruby pin! (I do have that pin) so go  check it out!

Also Cupp cayke’s site needs help! http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com go check it out!

~CAMP!!~ August 24, 2007

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The camp has come!! =D i got a few pictures but go check everything!! You should also see the newspaper


And the free marshmellow! [i made an edit holding a marshmellow so now i can use this! =D]


Go check!!

– punky face

Rockhopper! August 21, 2007

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Rockhopper came back!! woohoo! and he brought back the best item the parot! heres a picture –
theres also a new furniture catalog, camping! i never got a picture..
and the pin! its a tent!
heres a picture of what he brought on a player card, of i guy i saw 😀 –
and heres the parot!!!
[sorry this post is a little late but im back from holiday now]
and last off, i change my other site into a header site, if you want to check it out

– Punky face

NEW MISSION!! August 7, 2007

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the new mission is here!!! yes !! i got some pics but i wasnt able to play the mission, it would not load!!!! 😦


[click these 2, it will open in a different window cos i put em as thumbnails]




 see, how quick was this post! 😛 i knew about it like 5 minutes after cp launched it! [because i was chatting with some people and they got conection lost, so i logged off and came back and saw] QUICKER THAN PAINTBOY100 and ANTRAS!! yay!! oh well, ill post the pics now, in future i should be this quick!! 😛

check out the mission, you might like it 😉 you may also wanna see the hq board and the ski mountain!! lol [i added a newspaper page, check it out!]

– punky face

Updates! August 3, 2007

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HI!!! sorry this is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late!!
Rockhopper came to cp! (you probably know) and he brought back some cool exotic items! 😀
well, he brought
– A fishing rod (free item!)
– Treasure map player card background
– Treasure chest (furniture)
– Pink viking helmet with braids!

Yeah and he got a camera! you might wanna read his journal, its interesting with the photos! There
is also some disturbance in the mountains wich probably of course has to do with the mission..
well you can see the mission updates at the CP blog. heres the link http://blog.clubpenguin.com

check out my other site, http://punkyface1.wordpress.com ive updated my headers! also, the new cp newspaper has come out check i
t out!
CP is going to have a competion for like a dress thing, and of course there was an avalanch! In other news disney is
 joining cp!

3 august:

have a look at the newspaper! it has a new competition, a fasion thing!

also, the new catalog is here! ill post the secrets later.

sorry i havnt updated! but schools out now! for a month!

p.s. because i havnt been updating, (i will now really quick!) i havnt been able to do your pixel penguins that you ordered a long time ago. please comment here if i never got to doing your pixel penguin!

Summer extended! July 20, 2007

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heyyyy!! sorry this is late! ok well mostly everyone knows that they extended the party, if not visit http://blog.clubpenguin.com 😀

well everyone drew new pins of a cart surfer pin, and it came true! 😀


and there are blue water wings!


and jb500 or whatever if you see this:

:p thats a tounge and what is “poser” suposed to mean??

(lol, he called me a poser..) 😀

and cupp caykes is nearly done with her yearbook! http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com  and look at my other site at http://punkyface1.wordpress.com and me and frot egg reached 12,000 hits!! 😀 http://punkynfrot.wordpress.com

– punky face

NEW!! July 19, 2007

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there is new things.. cart surfer, is OPEN!!! 😀 and, there is a new igloo contest!! im going to enter, ill show you my igloo 😛




And in my last post, i made that penguin. on a special request, i made kmamrosh one! 😀



also, visit my NEW site at http://punkyface1.wordpress.com and enter more for the year book!! enter at http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com


– punky face

idea? July 14, 2007

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hi everybody! i asked danzoyet to make me a picture, but he said that business was closed, i really wanted one, so i decided to make my own one. im not great with it really, but here it is:


its not great, but it took me really long to make. and because i never posted the newspaper, maybe i could do this. please tell me what you think.

i now have a non cp site!! http://punkyface1.wordpress.com

– punky face

summer!,pixel penguins,newspaper July 14, 2007

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hi everyone! 😀  te summer party rocks!! sorry for posting late, but yesterday i was extremely busy! ok well, new servers have been added, the mine is closed, etc etc..

ok there is a new free item! – at the coffee shop.

and all the places are decorated. go check! (click on the image to make it bigger, then when it loads click the expand button)


i also found this on luigi rocks site: (it didnt work for me 😦  )


pixel penguins:

im making a new version of pixel penguins! there is going to be more items, maybe backgrounds etc etc.  😀

and the newspaper: i made the newspaper, but its a lot of hard work and all, so i wont be using it. i might post a newspaper in a month or so, maybe a week, im not sure if im going to do a newspaper. because of that, ill make a new page, so tell me your ideas. (player cards are closed)   

also visit http://crazzzymonkey.wordpress.com shes throwing a party please come!! for more details, look at crazzzymonkeys side bar wich says party!

also, cupp caykes needs more hits! lol, visit her site at http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com

and,  visit my other site with frot egg at:  http://punkynfrot.wordpress.com 

– punky face 😀

cps next top model!!! July 8, 2007

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hi everyone! im so excited, i made it into clubpenguins next top model!!   😮   (hosted by berryc00l and starbuggy) im really excited! 😀 please vote for me! ok well here is the link:

http://clubpenguinnexttopmodel.wordpress.com  :mrgreen:   there might be some free cupcakes in it for you 😉  lol!

well if you have any ideas for me please tell 😀  i really would need the help. i just hope i dont get out lol. thanks!

please vote for me! here is the costume i entered:

-Punky Face


tell me if its nice or not   😀   i dont mind the truth!

– punky face

new stuff July 7, 2007

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all the new catalog secrets are here.

the pool is flooding!


also the new pin is in the dance lounge


the catalog is here:


the secrets are:

  • the blue cape is on the picnic basket (500 coins)

  • the swimming gogels are on the drum sticks (220)

  • viking helmet in the scuba helmet

also the newspapers nearly fineshed!!

NEWSPAPER!!! July 6, 2007

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hi everybody!! well, i have decided to start a newspaper. im not copying holagurrl, because we both had this idea a couple of months ago or something and now we are both doing one and its ok. its going to be about clubpenguin and stuff, so ill start off the first one, and then ill maybe interview for some admins for the newspaper. so i hope you like my idea.. but ill have a bit too much pages so ill delete some or 1 or something.

cp year book June 27, 2007

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hi every body,

cupp caykes has decided to start her own club penguin year book and if you want to be in it all you have to do is e-mail her a picture of your penguin on his player card with NO backround and  just normally with no player card on a white backround like the dock.   e-mail to punky-face@hotmal.com (thats punky faces e-mail). you must also tell her your penguins name. all people who have commented on http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com  will be in the year book.

send in your email today!

ROCKHOPPER!!!!! June 24, 2007

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yesss!!! i FINALLY met rockhopper!! heres my story:

Ok,  i was on cp, searching for rockhopper thinking ill obviously never get to meet him… searching in all different worlds, and i went in one, i went to rockhoppers ship after giving up on looking for him, and i found someone saying “WHERES ROCKHOPPER??” so i went over and started saying the sam thing and w where saying “im rockhoppers biggest fan” and then i logged off. then a while later, frot egg was getting pictures on cp for edits, so he thought the best place to go was rockhoppers ship. when he entered, he found rockhopper, and told me at once. i was so excited i went mad i took a big amount of pictures!! i only used a couple but here they where: thanks frot!!     😀      😀

ok first we where at the top part of rockhoppers ship:


and then rockhopper said something like “yarr lets go down to (place fancy pirate word for bottom of ship i think its  hold. here)”

and then we went to the hold: just to let you know, click on rockhoppers card. then click the smiley for a free gift, (eye patch) the eye patch was good for me, because when i joined i never picked up the free eye patch because i thought it would stay on your face forever! okayand click home for rocks home.


people where asking him what his favourite penguins:


and then he said lets go to the night club “ye be a pirate party” he said. so we went to the nightclub




and heres some pics i put together:



me and my buddies.

sorry you had to go through all that!   😀   i got really over excited!   :mrgreen:

and much earlier before this, this is what i seeked on the ice berg:


rockhopper and other news June 22, 2007

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hey hey!

well rockhopper is here, and he brought BACK the bandana 😦   i already have it. oh well he also brought alien alissband or something??  😕 i dont think this time was the best, although i liked the blue flippers!

and then well everyone is deleting their blogs?? berryc00l, danzoyet, holagurrl25, acesboy92!! wow!

and theirs water ballons in the boiler rooms. obviously our snow buttons will be replaced water bombs.


hey! who through that??


ok and the pin is at the ski lodge


and i had a picture of the life guard chair… i dunno where it went?? yes!!! i have also regained my member ship.

and i think theres gonna be aa storm!! that would be so c00l!


and 1 last one pic this is very old, but i forgot to post it. the new monitors!


ok well bye! sorry this was late!

and please please please visit cupp caykes new blog: please!! http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com ok thanks! (please please!!)

membership June 21, 2007

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hello! well my membership has expired! (so has punky faces) i loged in and this was the last picture of me as a member!

hopfully soon (very soon!) i will get it back :mrgreen:



also please visit cupp caykes blog! here is the link: http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com

pixel penguins © June 17, 2007

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hi every body i just made some pixel penguins and and just go to pixel penguins page to oreder a penguin! other news, please visit my freind cupp caykes’ blog! shes just made it. http://cuppcaykes.wordpress.com thanks!

summer party! June 16, 2007

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sorry this is a little late!

here are the new things:

–  Flower headress, at the beach.

– Green sunglasses, at the night club.

(i never new there would be new items!)



and there’s a new furniture catalog!

here are the secrets:

1. click on the part where circled in picture to get the secret stone igloo (2000 coins)


2. click on all the “snow” words in the catalog, and then go back to page 9, and click on the small blue igloo’s window for the snow globe. ( 3700 coins)


3. and then if you want the secret deluxe snow igloo, click on the door of the deluxe snow igloo. (5000 coins)


theres also a new bamboo flooring in the igloo catalog.

here is the stuff thats going to come:

  •  A Huge Water Party!
  • Updates and new levels to your favorite games!
  •  New Clothing!
  • New Igloos!
  • New Furniture!
  • A New Mission!
  • A Camping Party (a brand new way to experience the outdoors of Club Penguin!)
  • Visits from Captain Rockhopper!



green rubber ducky June 16, 2007

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sorry this is a little late!

theres a new rubber ducky, which is in the cove.

honestly, i prefer the yellow duck, what do you think?



summer party! June 9, 2007

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the summer party is here and it rocks!

the free items:

blue lei: ski village

ice cream apron: forest